July 2018

At this point my skin was actually recovering from major severe acne breakouts from winter 2017. I barely have images from winter 2017 because I refused to be in front of a camera. At this point, I was heavily into skincare advice from Pinterest so my routine was African Black Soap, Witch Hazel, and Shea Butter.  Yikes!

Sept 2019

Fast forward past all the poor choices to when I started to make healthier choices for my skin. I consumed content from people who were more knowledgable and stopped just following advice from people who appeared to have great skin. Up until now I didn’t have the slightest clue what a moisture barrier was but now mine was healing.


Jan 2020

Things went downhill for a few weeks. So I travelled and the change in climate just confused my skin and it started to show. Then when I travelled back, the airline lost my luggage so I was without my skincare for about two weeks. Being unable to heal an already damaged barrier from a 15-hour flight and the whole trip plus the extreme cold I came back to just made my skin act out.

May 2020

My skin is healthy! I saw an esthetician in March which really helped me get back on track. My breakouts are few and far between plus I’m equipped with the knowledge and products to deal with them. My hyperpigmentation is also fading fast. Throughout my tumultous and emotional skincare journey I’d say the most important thing that I got was knowledge — the right kind. I wanted to pay this forward and help the next person who may be struggling. So Sandra from @Glow With S and I created the Glow Guide for Beginners which will equip anyone in their skincare journey.