The Layering Guide: 

This is a 15-page guide that elaborates what comes next after setting up your beginner routine. The skincare world can be confusing but this should help simplify things. What it includes:

  • What comes next after your basics
  • Break down of what each type of product in a routine does
  • How to layer
  • Sample routines
  • Important tips and tricks to layering
  • Tips on which products to splurge on
  • Visual of how much of each product to use
  • Key ingredients you should get for each type of skin concern
  • Skin assessment and purchase plan

The Glow Guide: 

This is a 10-page ebook to get you started on your skincare journey. This guide is not only great for beginners but also anyone who had a bumpy start to their journey and would like to refresh on the basics. It includes: 

1. The three essential steps.

2. How to determine your skin type.

3. Important tips you ought to know. 

3. Product recommendations plus where to get some of them. 

4. A journal to document what you've learned plus a purchasing plan.

5. A ksh. 500 discount code from Beauty Square Ke once you buy a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Use your order number as the discount code. 


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The Glow Guide & Layering Guide