Peach & Lily KP Bump Boss




A proven solution for Keratosis Pilaris – goodbye, body bumps.

Inspired by the super-smoothing Korean bath scrub, KP Bump Boss delivers the benefits of a chemical peel, microdermabrasion treatment and skin-softener in one. 10% AHA, PHA, and micro-crystals smooth KP bumps and unclog pores while Korean spa ingredients, mugwort, barley, cica and tea extracts visibly calm redness and nourish skin. Hyaluronic acid, cucumber and squalane deeply hydrate while being lightweight on skin. Visibly transform your KP bumps, ingrown hairs, rough flaky skin, body breakouts, and strawberry legs with our scrub. Your body, now you’re the boss.

In a 3rd party study of people with Keratosis Pilaris:

  • 93% saw and felt smoother skin
  • 94% saw ingrown hairs be smoothed
  • 95% saw dry, flaky skin and dead skin cells sloughed off
  • 89% saw even red bumps were calmed

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