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75% Galactomyces
Pure Vitamin C 30,000ppm
10 Vitamins
Proven Dual Functions : Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle

Galactomyces and Pure Vitamin C
Brightening Synergy Duo
Galactomyces 75% (→ Brighter Radiant Smoother Skin)
Pure Vitamin C 30,000ppm (→ Less Pigmentation, Blotches and Freckles, Revitalized Skin)

What is galactomyces?
After discovering sake maker’s hands were uniquely supple and young, people started to use this natural fermented yeast in skincare products to increase skin’s resilience and vitality.

Effects above describe ingredient benefits.

Pure Vitamin C
Through highly enriched and stable Pure Vitamin C makes your skin more relaxed and flawless after a long day of stress and irritation. Witness your skin blooming brighter and clearer.

10 Vitamins in a Capsule Presenting clear and translucent Skin
2nd Coating (→ Helps Vitamin to be more stabilized to absorb better into skin)
10 Kinds of Vitamin
1st Coating (→ Skin-affinity structure maximizes skin penetration rate)
10 Kinds of Vitamin, including highly enriched Pure Vitamin C, filled inside a Capsule(liposome) to fully deliver the effect of Vitamin C deep into the skin.

* Effects above describe ingredient benefits.

How to Use: Drop serum on the skin and spread with fingertips along the skin’s texture.
TIP! Apply Vitamin Serum 3 times if you want to create layers of moisture and vitality coating on the skin.

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