The Glow Guide 2.0




The New and Improved Glow Guide: 

This is a 39-page ebook to get you started on your skincare journey. This guide is not only great for beginners but also anyone who had a bumpy start to their journey and would like to refresh on the basics. It includes:

1. The three essential steps.

2. How to determine your skin type.

3. Important tips you ought to know.

3. Product recommendations plus where to get some of them.

4. A journal to document what you’ve learned plus a purchasing plan.

5. A ksh. 200 discount code from Beauty Square Ke applicable any time. 

6. What comes next after your basics

7. Break down of what each type of product in a routine does

8. How to layer

9. Sample routines

10. Important tips and tricks to layering

11. Tips on which products to splurge on

12. Visual of how much of each product to use

13. Key ingredients you should get for each type of skin concern

14. Skin assessment and purchase plan

15. Several activities to help you apply what you’ve learned.



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