Zapzyt Acne Wash Cleanser


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ZAPZYT acne wash is an oil-free and alcohol-free effective & gentle cleanser for acne. This acne cleanser penetrates deep into pores to help eliminate most acne blemishes and keep pores clog-free. Formulated with dermatologist recommended 2% salicylic acid, ZAPZYT acne wash degreases the skin and unclogs pores, encouraging exfoliation of dead the skin cells, helping to reduce clogged pores and breakouts. ZAPZYT acne wash also contains aloe and chamomile to soothe acne-prone skin and reduce redness. After cleansing with this acne wash, the skin is left clean, residue-free, and never oily. ZAPZYT acne wash is clinically proven safe and effective on sensitive skin.

  • Puts the treatment in, keeps the redness out
  • Great for back and chest acne
  • Hypoallergenic cleanser, dye and fragrance-free


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