Microfiber Wrist Spa Wash Band


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Face wash wrist towels are highly absorbent and very easy to use. With the face wash wristbands, you don’t need to worry about leaving water on your elbows to wet your clothes and counter when you wash your face. Spa Wristbands are an essential product for daily skin care. The spa Wrist Wash band are made of soft and comfortable coral fleece, lightweight and breathable, washable and reusable, which will not burden your skin, it not only has strong water absorption, but also can dry quickly after cleaning, which is convenient for your next use. If you hate getting your arms wet when washing your face, you always have water splashing everywhere, you’ll love these cute wrist towels, which can effectively reduce and prevent the spread and spillage of liquid to your arm due to hand lifting during the washing process, making your routine easier than ever.

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